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Ethic Codex

A new definition of exclusivity within the liquor industry.

​​From the beginning on, we as the team at AVOS Vodka and in general the companies of The AVALANGO Group set ourself clear ethical regulations. However, we do not only demand a clear compliance to these rules from our management and employees, but also from our deliverers, producers, partners businesses, clients and members.

Furthermore, we reserved the right to immediately cancel the business relationship with a partner or membership of a customer, in case the company or person violated this ethic codex and a final settlement could not be achieved. In that case further orders or sales of AVOS products are not permitted.

These are our ethic principles:

1.) Do not judge your opposite based on the sexuality.

2.) Do not support racism, fascism nor populism.

3.) Care about the environment in which we are living.

4.) Treat all genders equally.

5.) Support those who need your help.

In the long term we are planning the establishment of a foundation via The AVALANGO Group, which aims to support and integrate refugees in Bremen and furthermore helps to develop and benefit the economic zone of Bremen by investing in social, scientific, and technological startups and projects.

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