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AVOS Vodka - Disponible ahora para miembros del AVOS Inner Circle.

El único vodka premium de alta calidad de Bremen, Alemania.

Estamos trabajando en una versión en español del sitio web para usted.

"The AVOS Vodka [...] is extremely mild and thus handles your palate with its subtile notes like nothing comparable. [...] I have never experienced such an absence of the taste of alcohol - whilst drinking a spirit containing 40%(!)"

​Carsten Tiebel - J&C Cocktails


"This is the most complete product ever. Both in terms of packaging, numbering of the Vodka and a VIP membership card. [...] The overall impression is excellent. To my taste clearly between the top 10 of the best Vodkas I've ever tasted. 98 of 100 points."

Brian Ingberg - Café 33 Kopenhagen, Denmark
- Owner of the largest vodka collection in the world -


"I can surely recommend it. It has a fine and smooth taste and it really gives you a good feeling while drinking it. A superb vodka. [...] Only 1001 bottles made and it certainly shoes how they managed to pull that of. A stunning innovative design and now I'm the proud owner of one of their vodkas."

Mark Pelsen Bentzen - @bentzvodka


"It may take some time before you are eligible to be allowed to buy a bottle, but it's worth it. AVOS vodka is a perfect vodka for both freezing and at room temperature, [...] the perfect vodka for cocktails and on the rocks. Both 5/5, every vodka collector or high end bar needs this vodka in their assortment."

Stefan Ridderbos -

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