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Greatness is a state of mind.

The possibility to order our products for special occasions, business meetings and travels is solely reserved for members of the AVOS Inner Circle.

In order to receive the black member card and thus become a member of the AVOS Inner Circle as a private person or business, you can either

a) Get recommended by an existing Gold-, White- or Platinum-Member, or

b) Apply for the black membership by filling out the form.

​Please find further information regarding our membership statuses here or look up the admission criteria below.

Apply via this form by filling out the required details and describe with a minimum of 100 words, why you or your company should become a member of the AVOS Inner Circle.

Apply to become a member now

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Admission Criteria

During the selection process of new members, the following criteria are of high significance for us:

  • Professional
  • athletic
  • scientific
  • literarily
  • political
  • academical
  • creative or
  • ambitions and/or achievements

The following criteria are of non importance for us:

  • gender
  • age (as soon as the member is above 18 years respectively 21 in certain countries)
  • origin
  • religion
  • cultural background or
  • language.

Equally important for us is a comprehensive awareness for global human progress and interest in international politics, economics, travels, culture and arts.

To sum it up: from the entrepreneurial student across international olympic athletes, diplomats, lawyers, authors, singers and CEO's to politicians and lectures various aspiring and inspiring characters can be found within the AVOS Inner Circle.

On a regular basis we invite these members to our AVOS Parties in order to network, relax, establish new relationships and further develop their private and professional careers.

Being part of the AVOS Inner Circle is free of charge for all members for all time and not connected to any obligations or requirements.

As a matter of course, we are simultaneously guaranteeing high data security standards and 100% anonymity, if so requested by the member.

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